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What purpose does salt serve in baking recipes?

I see salt required in most baking recipes. Being that i'm following a low sodium diet - a few times i've left the salt out all together and everything seemed to come out perfect. So i'm curious what role does salt play in baking recipes? Is it just for taste - i mean how much taste could 1 teaspon of salt add to a recipe? Or is there perhaps some other function? dhanyawadWhat purpose does salt serve in baking recipes?
You can leave it out but baking soda and poweder have tons of sodium.What purpose does salt serve in baking recipes?
I have taken a baking course and it does not matter whether or not baking power has tons of sodium. The salt is important, and has it's own purpose. Baking is an EXACT science. You can't just take things out if the recipe calls for it.

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You cannot omit salt in a baking recipe, it controls the yeast. It is also a flavor additive, but there is such a small amount it doesn't affect the sweet taste of baked goods.
Well, it depends on what kind of bakeing your talking about.

With yeast, the salt keeps the yeast growth in check so that it doesn't grow too much or too quickly.

With bakeing soda/powder salt reacts with the soda/powder to help leaven the baked good.

And as you mentioned, it also has to do with taste. You may not think that a teaspoon of salt can make much of a difference but it does. That little amount can counter balance the yeast's flavor and can help bring out the taste of the flavoring agent.

But with such a small amount of salt for an entire cake, loaf of bread, or pan of muffins, one piece isn't going to effect your health very much. And besides that, you need some sodium and iodine (which we get from salt) in order to live. So as long as you don't plan on sitting down and eating the entire cake at one sitting, you shouldn't worry much about the salt in it.
Doesn't it help brown?
It does add flavor, but I have not had it for so long in my diet, I can really tell it when it appears
It brings out the flavour in food.

Retired cook.
It doesnt make alot of difference in taste, I think its to balance it all out. You can omit the salt, It wont make much difference.
Usually it is just for flavor. Except in things like salt rising bread. In some bread recipes, salt can affect the rising of the yeast. Using herbs and spices for flavor can be a good substitute for salt.
Salt helps it rise. It's part of the chemical process. Also, if you're using chocolate, it brings out the flavor.

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